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We had the pleasure to shoot Keraly for our 2018 campaign. She's a beautiful bombshell that catches everyones attention when she walks into a room. A natural born model who chose to be a professional dancer and choreographer. She has worked with almost every artist you can think of from award shows to tours, to television shows and weekly burlesque shows at miami's finest hotels and restaurants. To top that all off she's also a real estate agent!! We got to chat with her and ask her a few questions about life, her views, and passions. She's a true #GirlBoss and #HopeDealer we hope that she inspires you to keep working on your hustle as she inspired us!!  


What does hope dealer mean to you?
To me, the word hope is a feeling. A feeling of faith, ambition and aspiration. And a hope dealer is someone that gives you that feeling, by inspiring and helping you achieve your dreams and goals.

Any advice you want to give women who are hustling for their dreams?
I would like to tell them to always remember why they are hustling. Stay focused and consistent in working towards their goals. Work overtime on yourself and invest in your happiness.

What’s your number one fashion tip?
For me, fashion is a way of expressing yourself. Dress the way you feel and always feel free to experiment and try new things.

Any advice on juggling a career, social life, love life, and personal time?
The best advice I can give for trying to juggle everything is to do one thing at a time.  Make a schedule every week and plan out your day according to what drives you to success and happiness.  Set your long term goals a few years out and work backwards to establish your next moves.  Sometimes just getting started is the hardest part, and you have to put yourself first in order to help others. I also believe you have to surround yourself with people that motivate you and support your every move.

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