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We spent an amazing morning shooting and getting to know Cultura. If you haven't heard about her by now you need to go follow her journey @itscultura. A recording artist and choreographer with a clean unique style. She is blessing the Miami dance scene with her style, her flow, and her passion to teach and make her students grow as dancers and as people. Choreographing for known artist and getting flown across the state to perform as an artist herself is an everyday week for her, she is the epitome of a #GirlBoss and hustling to make her dreams come true. To top it all off her aura is mesmerizing + she's a gentle soul which made us love her even more!! Check her out @itscultura. 

What does being a hope dealer mean to you? 

It’s my motivation for doing what I do. As a teacher and choreographer (really as a human being) it’s a big responsibility guiding the next generation of dancers into what will hopefully be their career. I always tell them that confidence and consistency is key.

Any advice you want to give people who are hustling for their dreams?

Dreams are great but you have to turn them into actions. You have to make a game plan and stick to it! Surround yourself with people doing what you want to do. Stay motivated and inspired and never quit.

What’s your number one fashion tip?

Don’t put yourself in a box!!!!! Menswear and women’s clothing and boys and girls and blah blah blah. DO YOU. Be creative and limitless.

Any advice on juggling a career, social life, love life, and personal time?

There’s no quick remedy to juggling “life”. The best thing to do is make sure your partner and family are understanding to your situation and that you too are doing your part in being present when you’re with them. Work is work and social media is cool but the most important thing is showing the ones you care about that your time with them is sacred. 

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