We had the pleasure to shoot the beautiful Crystal Marie and after spending the afternoon with her we are convinced she is pure gold. Born and raised in the county of dade; a Miami native who has dedicated her life to helping people. She's a nurse!! She's also one of the hottest nurses we've ever seen with beautiful artwork inked into her skin. Not only does she have the brains she also has the beauty and she can teach the ladies some tips when it comes to make up and fitness! We asked her a few questions about life, her views, and passions check out what she has to say. She's a true #GirlBoss and #HopeDealer we hope that she inspires you to keep working on your hustle as she inspired us!!  


What does hope dealer mean to you? 

There are so many things we could spread in this world and not enough people spread hope. A hope dealer to me means to help people get through situations or struggles with hope. We can’t always give people the right answer or tell them what to do but we can give them hope that things will be ok.


Any advice you want to give women who are hustling for their dreams?

Don’t give up! Things will get hard before you get to the point you dream for. Dreams require discipline, motivation, perseverance. When things feel overwhelming or hard remember why you started.


Any advice on juggling a career, social life, love life, and personal time?

Try to find a balance it’s easier said than done. Prioritize what needs to be done first. Always make time for loved ones and yourself so you don’t burn out. You might have to sacrifice some social time but the people that really have your back and love you will understand your hustle. I love to use planners it keeps me organized and I can plan out all the things I need to get done in a week so any extra time I have I can spend with friends or family. 


What would you tell your 18 yr old self now?

I would tell her to believe in herself. It took me so many years to finally break out of my self doubt shell. I wish I could have told myself back then to push forward. I held back so much because I didn’t believe I was good enough.


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